About Me

Hi! I’m Jonathan, a family and wedding photographer based out of Snoqualmie, Washington. My wife, Lindsey, and I have four kids, and have called Snoqualmie home since 2011. I have a career in the software industry, but have also had a love for capturing photos primarily of people for more than decade.

I love beautiful light, finding the right backgrounds, and capturing images of your family. It’s a great blend of technical and artistic. I enjoy getting to know families and creating images that will be part of your family history.

What do I do for fun? I have too many hobbies. I enjoy hiking, boating, yoga, mountain biking, cooking, woodworking, and remodeling projects.

What Kind of Photographer are You?

I am a photojournalist, a “visual storyteller.” My work can is fun, creative, and authentic.

I started out photographing weddings in the early 2000’s, assisting some of Seattle’s top wedding photographers. I was shooting digital as they were transitioning away from film, and it gave me a chance to experiment and have a different perspective. I enjoyed the challenge of interacting with different kinds of people in stressful situations.

About Your Session

Leading up to your session, we will determine a time and location for your shoot. I have a few locations in Snoqualmie that I go to regularly, but also love to hear your ideas.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate

I am a Pacific Northwest Photographer. I can work in the rain. But I also understand most people don’t wish for rain during their family photo session. I get it. You made an investment in family photos and you don’t want to spend the entire time drenched. I’ll be in contact leading up to your session, and I keep an eye on the weather forecast. If things don’t look good I offer several options:

  1. We do the session in your home. Kids are comfortable in their own home and this type of session allows for lots of family details to be captured.
  2. We select a location with cover.
  3. We reschedule.

If Your Children are Nuts

I have four kids under the age of fourteen. I’m pretty good at dealing with chaos and still getting somewhere on time. We’ll try to get your kiddos to have fun and be part of the session. Sometimes it’s that way with pictures. They know you dressed them up and you want them to smile at the camera sweetly just a few times (preferably simultaneously). But they just are not having it. Having been on both sides of the camera I can recall having pictures where my kids were little and they were not doing their part that day. It can feel frustrating for the parents, and can be challenging for the photographer. During your session I’ll do my best to work with your family and with some luck we’ll find a great way to capture you as you are today. The idea is to be authentic, not perfect. And you can get some really adorable images or pouts, tears, or snickers! It’s my job to be responsive, not a director.

Turnaround Time

I aim to send galleries within two weeks of sessions. I also show sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook within 2-3 days, with family permission.

What do I get to keep?

You get to keep all of the images! I want you to enjoy them, put them on the fridge, send them to grandparents, and share them with friends.

How do I Book a Session?

Please email me at jmorleyk@gmail.com.

I look forward to working with you soon!